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Traverse the Earth
Traverse the Earth

social resonsibility

We believe that every corporation has an obligation to society, the environment, and health and safety. As such, we subscribe to the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s e3 Plus Framework for responsible exploration. The principles of responsible mineral exploration from the e3 Plus Framework are as follows:

1. Adopt Responsible Governance and Management

2. Apply Ethical Business Practices

3. Respect Human Rights

4. Commit to Project Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

5. Engage Host Communities and Other Affected and Interested Parties

6. Contribute to Community Development and Social Wellbeing

7. Protect the Environment

8. Safeguard the Health and Safety of Workers and the Local Population

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Adhering to the principles and utilizing the toolkits in the e3 Plus framework ensures Longford Exploration Services maintains corporate social responsibility for our clients and all projects.

It is our intention to perform all work in a low impact manner. Part of this approach is conducting geochemical and several ground-geophysics surveys without cutting conventional “lines” in vegetation unless necessary for safety or required for the specific survey. By using GPS and UTM grid systems we are able to obtain position accuracy and leave nothing but footprints.